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Download FunGolf Apps on Playstore

FunGolf Apps available for Android. The apps will replace conventional scorecards with advanced features. It has many golf game mode that you can play. And apps will calculate points of your game

The advantage for Golfer

  • Save the tree with papperless scorecards

    Golfer is not bothered with the scorecard difference of each golf course, because it is available in one appliaction

  • Personal handicap assistant

    More accurate individual handicap calculations. Handicap accuracy is based on the history scorecard that you record. The apps not only calculates your handicap, but also includes your pairing handicap

  • An easy way to book Tee-Time

    You can book T-time from this application, specifically for golf courses that have collaborated with FunGolf

The advantage for Golf Courses

  • Cost effective

    The Golf Course does not need to print a scorecard because it is already available on the application. Golfer can take notes on his own scorecard or by caddy.

  • Save tournament time

    Event organizer of the golf tournament, this application is very helpful in collecting and calculating scores. The system can provide live scoring.

  • Online t-time booking

    Has a feature to manage online booking and speed up information across lines in order to prepare service for the golfer.

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